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More retreats for 2019 coming soon - may include:

Nurturing & healing Shamanism

Art and painting

Reiki Attunements in the heart of mother nature

Reconnection with your family on retreat

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Deposit with paypal is £100

FREE YOUR VOICE with Alegra of Insightful Journeys

20-23rd September 2019


Free Your Voice and connect with your soul Retreats are an opportunity to listen to your own authentic voice

and then to make deep contact with your inner self. Journeying together in a safe and supportive group, you

will gain a greater understanding of the healing power of sound, your own voice and its ability to transform

and empower.


Your voice is the expression of your soul and represents your energy and life force.


Voice work is not about singing; it is about using your voice as a profound healing instrument. Your own personal sound is a sacred and transformative tool and by harnessing its power you can expand your ability to express yourselves and deepen your understanding of your personal route to happiness. This expression of your inner self brings with it the potential for real and lasting change.


21 - 28th May 2019


How do we listen to our soul? That deep part of ourselves that holds our true essence and gives us our values, ethics,

beliefs, and deepening understanding of who we truly are. We need to be able to ‘speak’ with and hear

that part of ourselves in a noisy, competitive outer world that over stimulates us with input. How do we

quieten all this chatter and the chatter from our conscious mind, our ego existence, to truly hear who

we are and what we want so that we can express ourselves with deep authenticity?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be in touch with more of your authentic self? And to be able to live the life you

were born to live and love?


Linda will be arranging 2 trips out with this workshop, flights, trips and transfers will be arranged and added to the price later.

The price listed includes full board and workshops only.

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