Giving yourself time, space and complementary therapy is a gift to yourself for your wellbeing and peace of mind.  You are on your way to healing.




Hypnotherapy helps the part of the mind that looks after us to change from a difficult habit to something more helpful. You are probably not even aware of something that is holding you back because of an outdated fear from long ago. The brain is wired for habit, it is automatic, it can take a long time to change.  But, with hypnotheray -

We can suggest the changes you are longing, by relaxing the conscious mind and suggesting reframed beliefs to the  subconscious mind while you are so relaxed.

Your mind will only accept what is acceptable to you at this time.  


Hypnotherapy is as natural as the REM state of sleep, we all go into waking states of hypnosis throughout our day when daydreaming.


Hypnotherapy helps with:-

  • Finding ways out of a rut

  • Relieving Anxiety and stress

  • Gaining more Confidence and self-esteem

  • Relieving Exam nerves

  • Letting go of emotional eating/drinking or smoking.  

  • Many others



Deeply relaxing massage using aromatheapy oils chosen to help relax or energise you, or release emotional stress and release toxic build up in the muscles, leaving you with a feeling of complete wellbeing.  




Relax mind and body through the feet to bring balance and energy healing.  Every part of your body stores tension in the feet in a reflex, with gentle massage on reflex points in the feet, this tension can be released, allowing energy to flow back, this relaxation helps the body to begin healing the corresponding areas in your body.  Regular treatments help to keep a balance mind, body and spirit.




Is like meditation, as you relax and connect with your inner world, with questions and answers.

We tap the ends of the meridians (which are on the face, shoulder and hands) to release the the energy of trapped emotions that hold you back.  Releasing the energy that has become held in the body causing emotional turmoil, we can gradually bring your emotions back into balance.  It happens very quickly.




When we balance your Chakras, you create harmony in your life.  Healing allows you to let go and see life from a different perspective.  Reiki is a heart centred energy healing, bringing balance and emotional healing in all areas.

Helps especially with anxiety and emotional stress.  Bringing peace.





If you are drawn to becoming a healer, Reiki one can be the start of a journey for you and your family and friends.

The teaching and attunement to Reiki one is done in my conservatory overlooking the garden in Cranbrook.

One day will teach you the history and you will be given 4 symbols for channeling the energy and taught the hand positions (groups will require 2 days). Ongoing Reiki sharing groups are offered for you to gain experience.




Is done over 2 days.  You will learn the deep meanings of the symbols, how to give a distant healing treatment and have access to channel a greater amount of life force energy, being more effective in a shorter space of time, giving you tools to direct energy to the root causes of pain and suffering. Your awareness increases with practice and dedication, it is liberating and increases clarity, restoring inner peace.  Reiki sharing groups are offered.




The 'Master Practitioner' level is about mastering the self.

Finding out who you are and intergrating the different aspects of the self, liberates us from self imposed barriers and limiting thought patterns in time.  Also receiving powerful new symbols of the Master Attunement to the USUI and TIBETAN REIKI system.

This takes 2 days with ongoing Reiki sharing groups offered.





Hypnotherapy ....................................£65

Reflexology ........................................£40

EFT ................................................... £40

Aromatherapy ...............................£50-65

Reiki Healing ..................................... £40



Reiki 1 Attunement ......................£120.00

Reiki 2 Attunement ..................... £240.00

Reiki Master Attunement ............ £360.00



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I was only introduced to Shirley Heyward a few months ago, but in that time, she has made a big impact on my life. She is a kind, calm and intuitive professional who offers a dizzying range of therapies. I have so far received Reiki, aromatherapy and wonderful massage which have all worked wonders for me on many levels. Just talking to her is therapeutic!


I look forward to her meditation sessions which will be starting locally soon and whilst I have not - YET - had any hypnotherapy, a close friend has had a course with Shirley, which has been highly successful in resolving a range of issues. I cannot recommend this lovely lady highly enough. Sara of Cranbrook

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Cranbrook Kent Therapy room

Reiki brings you emotional peace

Our bodies have the power to heal themselves with complementary therapies and a good listener.


REVIEW by Deborah  ...


"Shirley is the most amazing therapist! The only time I ever truly relax and let go is when I have a reflexology session with her."

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