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Men & Women's workshops and therapies in the UK and Istria Croatia

I have been a therapist since 1997 qualified in

Life Coaching, Aromatherapy (Dip MAAPA), Reflexology (Dip Reflex AAPA), Professional & Precision Hypnotherapy (Dip AMIH), Foundation in Psychosynthesis, Reiki Master/teacher.


My approach is one of an understanding and non-judgement of where each person is on their journey through this lifetime, allowing each individual to open up their hearts to themselves and others when ready.


" We are in a process of awakening to the new consciousness which is bringing in a new energy, as more people embrace this change, there will come a tipping point which changes the way we live on this mother earth we share, bringing back the love and peace we all long for"


I have been on a long journey through many different aspects of spirituality, there have been times when I felt spirit had abandoned me, but looking back it feels like the poem 'Footprints'.  It has been a deep learning which will serve me well as an understanding of where others are on theirs.

I was brought up in South Africa, from the age of 7 years old, when my parents emigrated there, seeking a better life and for me and my brothers and it was, I grew to love nature as camping out in the wild was a big part of life then and animals who I often turned to as dear friends when feeling misunderstood.  I know now that my animal healing abilities began back then. I was deeply affected by appartheid, which I did not realise until I was a therapist, it has been a journey of unravelling who I really am and letting go of the wounding of that time.


HOW do we create change


We create a new story with other caring people around us, in a place that heals, soothes and brings hope, enlightenment and inspiration to move forward in a new and positive way to create healing for MEN & WOMEN WHO WANT CHANGE!


My old story - I was a person who was responsible for finding solutions for everyone else, thinking a lot of the time it was my fault when things went wrong and ‘treading on eggshells around others’.  This created a platform, for everyone else, to do well, I had let go of responsibility for myself and ‘put all my eggs in their baskets’ my life was empty, like the ‘eggshells I was treading on’.  Don’t, get me wrong, I loved helping others, that is the positive, I drew from this, but in the process I put me to one side because, I did not believe I had a right to put myself first, a deeply engrained gender belief.  The irony is, when we put ourselves first, we create a strong healthy environment to be the best we can for others, without taking away their responsibility for themselves, but guiding them, authentically with no self-agenda. We have within all of us 'male and female energies' which easily become out of balance, knowing ourselves deeply enables us to correct those imbalances, to live a balanced life.


My new story is, I am now using my experiences to create a loving, caring sanctuary for myself from the inside, this story, then helps me grow and share a loving, caring sanctuary for others and myself to grow in leaps and bounds to find out WHO THEY ARE REALLY ARE and uncover the new authentic story, of who they were born to be in this life.  This creates real self-belief coming from my inner wisdom, which has always been there, just waiting to be discovered.  Shamanism is teaching me now, how our ancestors have a huge impact on us, it has been proven scientifically, that our genes carry the trauma of our ancestors, some of us more than others.  Healing the ancestors and honouring the them is part of our healing.  


I believe it now and my new life is unfolding and allowing so many others to find the peace and happiness they desserve........

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Alegra Jenkins of Insightful Journeys ......


I am a Shamanic practitioner because I also work within the Spirit world and this allows me to include these connections within my Sound Healing practice.

I trained as a Sound Healer in Belgium in 2012, with Michele Averard and Nestor Kornblum, co-founders and directors of the Spanish and International Associations of Sound Therapy. In 2017 I attended their first Advanced Sound Healing Course in Spain.  


Journeying has played a very fundamental role in my spiritual path, which has given me a profound appreciation that it is only through healing ourselves that we can contribute to the healing of the whole. We are responsible for our own lifetime’s learning, and sometimes this does not happen until the agony of not learning is the painful catalyst for the insight to be finally understood. Buffffff – life can be hard - but clarity is just soooooo beautiful.


Life is like surfing on the wave of a tsunami, and we cannot get off……. the only thing we can do is to try and keep standing - and to enjoy the ride!!! The changes occurring are so enormous, so global yet also so very personal and individual. We yearn to find a purpose, a mission, a reason for being alive, but genuine insight can only occur when we journey inside ourselves and understand that we are part of everything.